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Welcome to Goods of the World!

We are the largest provider of fair trade and handmade crafts produced by the Hmong hill tribe of northern Thailand. Here you will find an amazing collection of unique, handmade and very affordable fair trade items. We offer the largest assortment of Hmong Hill Tribe bags, Thai handbags, backpacks, wristlets, clutches and jewelry. In addition, we offer a wide assortment of other handmade Asian crafts including clothing, purses and other high quality, long lasting and durable crafts. The attention to detail coupled with the high quality fabric & material, expert stitching and embroidery, and hours of dedication result in an amazing final product - each and every time. Being that the items are all handmade, you can rest assured that the item that you are getting is UNIQUE!



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Your purchase goes to a good cause

Your purchase enables us to continue supporting the Hmong people. We purchase our items at an above market price. Our markups are minimal and our relationship with the people is long and sustainable. It is our goal that, one day, the Hmong people will no longer have to rely upon opium as a means for survival. They are extremely skilled artisans that have so much beauty and talent to share. They are waiting to be discovered... With your help, we can introduce them to the world so that their expertly crafted goods can compete fairly on the world stage!





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